“Our production and vineyard philosophy is to do as much as possible by hand and to protect the environment.
To prevent fungaI diseases, we mainly use copper and sulphur, combined with natural defense inducers.
We don't use chemical weed kiIIers or fertilizers.

We form part of the Consorzio Vini Veri, whose objective is to produce wine that has undergone no acceleration or stabilisation, reattaining the perfect equilibrium between human intervention and the cycles of nature.”


Our new vineyards are planted with vines chosen using the massal selection process. Absolutely none of our vines have been genetically modified.


To protect the vines from disease, we primarily use products which are permitted by the organic agriculture regulations in force, such as copper and sulphur based substances.


The grapes are completely harvested by hand so as to ensure the bunches remain intact, this is also partly due to the steep and hilly nature of the terrain.


Our wines do not undergo any chemical treatment whatsoever during the production process or prior to bottling.


Prosecco Sparkling… Naturally

“Our flagship product is a Prosecco called "Frizzante…Naturalmente" (Sparkling… Naturally) which undergoes a natural process of secondary fermentation in the bottle. The wine is made from Glera grapes fermented off the skins, and after primary fermentation in stainless steel vats, it is left to rest throughout the winter. In spring, as temperature rise, the wine is bottled and the second natural fermentation begins. This is a highly drinkable, dry and lightly sparkling wine, with evident zest and minerality from its soil. Prosecco "Frizzante…Naturalmente" undergoes no physical or chemical treatment during vinification or bottling (including no sterilization) and this means the wine remains alive and in constant evolution as the natural yeasts in the bottle continue to work.

We also produce an extra dry sparkling Prosecco using the Charmat method, caIled San Venanzio.
Vinification method: Presa di spuma (When the wine becomes sparkling) in an autoclave with select yeasts added.
This is a more technical and modem wine compared to the "Frizzante…NaturaImente".



“The Casa Coste Piane Winery is in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene in the hills of the Province of Treviso, north-east ItaIy.
The winery has around six hectares of vines divided among Several hillside pIots all lying between 250 and 400 meters above sea Ievel.
The moraine soil is rich in clay and marl so the roots of the oldest vines reach down deep and benefit from the mineral salts."

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